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The field of Enterprise Architecture is growing and innovating by staying at the forefront of better run enterprises. We certify professionals to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts of enterprise architecture. Professionals with those certifications are excelling in their careers and businesses today.

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About Dr. Leon Kappelman

Dr. Leon Kappelman

Biographical Sketch


Leon Kappelman, Ph.D. is a research scientist, teacher, author, speaker, and consultant dedicated to helping organizations better manage their information, systems, and technology assets. He is Director Emeritus of the Information Systems Research Center and a Professor of Information Systems in the Information Technology & Decision Sciences Department of the College of Business at the University of North Texas, where he is also a Fellow of the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge. Dr. Kappelman is founding chair of the Society for Information Management’s (SIM) Enterprise Architecture Working Group. He has assisted many public and private organizations with technology management activities including strategic planning, governance, software development, project management, enterprise architecture, continuity of operations, and IT workforce management. He has given presentations and written articles on these and other IT management topics, and testified before the US Congress on technology legislation and IT management practices. He has lectured and conducted seminars and workshops on many management, business, and technology topics in North America, Europe, and Asia. His work has been reported in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Newsweek, Dallas Morning News, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, L.A. Times, and scores of other newspapers and magazines; he has appeared on CNN, CNBC, PBS, ABC World News Tonight, as well as numerous local and regional television and radio stations. He brought nearly $2.5 million in research contracts to the university.

Dr. Kappelman’s professional expertise centers on the management of information and technology and includes enterprise architecture, software project management, software development and maintenance, continuity of operations and emergency management, management of change, performance measurement including metrics development, IT-related legal and ethical issues including intellectual property matters, and high-tech and public policy concerns like privacy, security, and software quality. He has worked with organizations involved in banking, insurance, aerospace, defense, health care, education, telecommunications, retail, all levels of government, not-for-profits, sales, marketing, distribution, electric utility, petrochemicals, as well as other economic sectors. Some of the enterprises he has worked with include ACS; Alcatel; Ameritech; Candle Corporation; LDS Church; CIA; CIGNA; City of Denton Texas; City of Los Angeles; Coca-Cola Company; Computer Associates; Department of Veteran Affairs; EDS; Executive Office of the President of the United States; Experian; GTE; HoneyBaked Ham; Honor Technologies; IBM; JCPenney; Kraft Foods; LL Bean; McDermott; Milliken & Company; Pacific Bell; Pacific Medical Clinics; President’s Council on the Year 2000 Conversion; Prudential; SAIC; State of Oklahoma; State of Texas; Texaco; Texas Health Resources, Treasury Department of Canada; United Nations; Wells Fargo; World Bank; and others. Professor Kappelman’s pro bono work includes testifying on high-tech issues several times before the US Congress, speaking at a United Nations IT conference, participating in White House industry round tables, serving on the American Heart Association’s IT Expert Panel, editing five books, founding and leading the SIM Enterprise Architecture Working Group and the SIM Year 2000 Working Group, and founding and serving as a member of the three-person steering committee of the UN and World Bank sponsored Y2K Expert Service Volunteer Corps.

Professor Kappelman has published several books, over 100 articles, and his works have appeared in the Communications of the ACM, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Sciences, IEEE Software, Project Management Journal, InformationWeek, Computerworld, National Productivity Review, Industrial Management, and the Journal of Computer Information Systems. He edited the SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture (CRC Press, 2010), authored Information Systems for Managers (McGraw-Hill, 1993); co-edited Y2K Endgame Strategies: Risk Management, Testing, and Contingency Planning (SIM International, 1999); and edited Year 2000 Update: Key Issues and Research Reports (SIM International, 1998), Year 2000 Problem: Strategies and Solutions from the Fortune 100 (International Thomson Press, 1997), and Solving the Year 2000 Computer Date Problem: A Guide and Resource Directory (SIM International, 1996).

Additional information about Professor Kappelman and his work can be found on his website at and he can be reached at or by telephone at 940.565.4698.

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Zachman International

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Zachman Reviews

Quite an enjoyable course.  Would take other courses in future.

Jason D'Silva
8 April 2020

This has been an eye opening experience. Receiving this training from the masters will most certainly keep measurable benefits going forward. John provided additional concepts and practices around implementation strategies, a critical next step in exploiting the framework ontology - this was great!!!

Dennis Johnson
25 April 2018

Hour-for-hour, this is the best seminar I have attended. The instructors thoroughly covered concepts, demonstrated their application effectively and convincingly explained the consequences of poor architectural practice.

Daniel A. Joseph, Ph.D.
20 May 2019

An excellent seminar. John shares his keen intuition for and understanding of the nature of enterprise architecture.

Chris Partridge
29 March 2018

Excellent first hand explanation. Very powerful.

Marco van Leeuwen
29 March 2018

The Zachman framework made me understand the value of problem solving.

Akin Ayeni
29 March 2018

Finally, it all comes together’. Great examples and stories. Continue with passion – it’s really good.

Willem Van der Brink
29 March 2018

Fun, informative and eye-opening. Very educational, friendly and helpful lecturers.

Shiraz Adam
29 March 2018

It was the honor to have met and learned from the legendary John A. Zachman himself, the Father of Enterprise Architecture. True Enterprise Architecture starts with Zachman Framework; otherwise, you are just wasting time.

Amar Masoud
26 April 2017

I have been doing Enterprise architecture since 2003, mostly DoDAF and TOGAF. Until I took the Zachman EA 4 day class, I didn't realize that all I had been doing was drawing incomplete views, since I didn't truly understand the relationships and the real impact to an organization of making a change to an architecture element. This class has shown me the importance of getting down to the "brass tacks" of an EA, namely the Zachman primitives and their relationships. I now realize that I have not been truly been doing EA up to this point, since I have not been identifying the organization's primitives!

Mike Robison
26 April 2017

The Zachman Framework training enabled me to fully understand the power of this framework (the ontology). The fundamentals of this framework will help me to (re)engineer Enterprises and solve business problems in the shortest possible time. As a free-lance Enterprise Architect my customers will benefit the knowledge and Case studies John and Sunil shared with us.

Jef Bergsma
24 March 2011

If you want to synthesize your professional experiences...
If you want to expand your understanding of Enterprise Architecture...
If you want to interact with others who think and talk like you do, and learn from the very best, then the Zachman International courses are for you!

Michelle Poolet
20 October 2008

Enterprise architecture, as a formal discipline, has arguably reached its ‘tipping point.’ Organizations are howling for change. Even in the current economic down-turn, savvy companies are turning to EA and The Zachman Framework for help. Getting Zachman Certified is dollar-for-dollar the smartest investment an architect, any architect, can make. Don’t think about it too long... get certified and join the growing community of Zachman Certified professionals.

Damon Farnham
3 April 2009

An excellent and inspiring seminar - we will return to work and start immediately. I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm.

David Harrison
2 September 2014

He designed the Framework. Nobody can deliver the same quality of lecture as John.

Kitty Hung
17 October 2013

Engaging and charismatic.

Mark Luxton
6 October 2015

Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Passionate.

Simon Bathie
25 May 2015

Once more I was able to pick-up new ideas and a couple of valuable best practices. Also the EA energy injection by John Zachman was once more a highlight for me.

Henrik Jacobsson
23 April 2016

I was anxious about my decision to take the virtual class but felt like I was in the classroom with you all. Great job!

Burak Modali
23 May 2016

Mr. Zachman is the thought leader in enterprise architecture! I am so honored to have met him at training in Colorado and then again last October at a conference in Washington D.C. Through his publications and training - his efforts to raise the bar for enterprise architecture make him the world renown professional he is today. He IS the father of enterprise architecture. His work has helped to drive strategy execution and subsequent business outcomes through his ontology, strategy mapping, matrixes and models.

Tresa Chastain
8 March 2016

An excellent course. All CEOs and CIOs should attend.

Morag Clark
13 July 2015

An excellent and inspiring seminar - we will return to work and start immediately. I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm.

David Harrison
18 November 2015

John Zachman presents a very compelling argument, that is, every organization needs an Enterprise Architecture to survive.

Jane Stewart
18 May 2014

Many wide ranging examples to demonstrate why. Engaging and entertaining.

Andre Gauthier
18 August 2016

The explanation of the framework itself and the meaning of the components were most helpful.

Andreja Korosec Rebula
18 June 2014

An excellent seminar. John shares his keen intuition for and understanding of the nature of enterprise architecture.

Chris Partridge
10 August 2015

The enthusiasm, energy and breadth of experience remain, as ever, infectious and mesmerising. Your continued support for John over the last few years is clearly appreciated and probably instrumental in his continuing to return to the UK. Further workshop and/or seminar opportunities are eagerly anticipated. This week has been money very well spent.

Rob Austen
20 June 2016

John Zachman gave me an excellent insight into the way EA practitioners think and operate, enabling me to express an organisation (as business architecture models) in their language.

Matthew Brown
14 June 2016