2015 Excellence in EA Awards: Call for Nominations


2015 Excellence in EA Awards: Share your EA accomplishments with the community!

Call for Nominations—The 2015 Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards 


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Zachman International, the Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute (FEAC™), and 1105 Media are pleased to announce the 13th Annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards, recognizing the impacts of Enterprise Architecture best practices on achieving efficiencies, greater effectiveness, transparency, increased collaboration or innovation in solutions to government mission outcomes. Nominations are encouraged from all types of enterprises in industry and all levels of government, including U.S. federal, state, and local government organizations, education, as well as successful industry, government and education programs outside the United States.

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John A. Zachman and Carl E. Engel Kick off Inaugural EA West Conference


John A. Zachman Kicks off Inaugural EA West Conference

Colorado Springs, CO, USA -- Apr. 27, 2015 – John A. Zachman and Carl E. Engel presented the keynote address at the inaugural EA West Conference in Sacramento, CA on Apr. 21, 2015.

Enterprise Architecture West (EA West) took place on April 20-21, 2015 at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, California. The event addressed contemporary enterprise architecture topics including how to apply it to make the mission possible. Other topics included cutting-edge EA methodologies to enable business outcomes, integrate with agile development efforts, and add focus to big data initiatives.

Enterprise Architecture Conference in Washington, D.C. has been a key focus at the Federal level for many years. The annual EA conference has been a venue for exchanging ideas about what works in building strong architectures for more than 10 years. Because of that history, 1105 Public Sector Media Group launched the inaugural West Coast Enterprise Architecture conference to share ideas and educate executives across Federal and State & Local government about trends in contemporary Enterprise Architecture.

EA West workshops took place on Monday, April 20th and featured experienced instructors Carl Engel from Zachman International® and Cort Coghill, Director of Education Operations at the FEAC® Institute. The full day conference was on Tuesday, April 21st and focused on the Shift from Compliance Driven EA to Business Outcomes.  John A. Zachman, Chairman of Zachman International® and Carl E. Engel led the keynote on Enterprise Architecture: 30 Years Young - Shifting from the Age of Compliance to the Age of Outcomes.  Ken Griesi, Chief Architect, MITRE West shared his Top 10 Pitfalls in EA and How to Avoid Them. The morning session was concluded by Jerad Spiegel, CEO, Phase One Consulting with a session on Using EA in an Agile World.

Following some lively roundtable discussions, attendees were treated to a presentation of last year’s Excellence in EA Award winning team from the California Department of Health Care Services led by Chris Cruz, Chief Information Officer and Ben Word, Chief Architect. They shared their creative and practical approach using EA framework integration and linking EA to critical business outcomes.  The afternoon session, Incorporating Business Analytics and Big Data in your Enterprise Architecture, was presented by Marty Gaupp, LTCOL, USAF, Deputy Head for Economics, USAF Academy. Capping off the packed agenda, Subbarao Mupparaju, Chief Architect, State of California linked his concepts with the opening keynote, speaking to the crowd about moving EA From Compliance to Effectiveness and providing practical steps to make it possible.

"EA West 2015 provided the opportunity for attendees to learn the value of moving enterprise architecture from theory to action and implementation," said John P. Zachman, Chief Executive Officer of Zachman International/FEAC Institute. "This content-rich event was designed to educate EA practitioners at all levels on the practical approach to driving business outcomes with EA today."

For more about this event visit: http://goveaconference.com/Events/Enterprise-Architecture-West/Information/Home.aspx

Preparations are underway for the 13th Annual Enterprise Architecture Conference, now known as EA East, to be held October 5-7, 2015 in Washington, DC. More information can be found at http://goveaconference.com/Events/Enterprise-Architecture-East/Information/Home


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Zachman Institute Formed


Zachman Institute Formed: Non-profit provides Enterprise Architecture research and professional support to small and non-profit organizations

Los Angeles CA - January 25, 2014 - Wednesday, December 10, 2014 marked the public launch of the Zachman Institute™, a 501(c)(3) (http://www.zachman.org) organization whose goal is to build business capacity in both small and nonprofit organizations through enterprise architecture research and professional support. The company was formed in honor of John A. Zachman and presented to him recently during a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Zachman Framework™, invented by Mr. Zachman.

Zachman International, the company founded by John Zachman and now led by his son John P. Zachman has been conducting research and education in Enterprise Architecture for nearly forty years, centered around the Zachman Framework™. A critical activity of the charity will be to continue and advance this research initiative into the science of architectural concepts as they relate to business, as a formalized research facility.

John P. Zachman, the new CEO of the Zachman Institute™ says “The result of leveraging forty years of enterprise architecture research, essentially defining this industry, our education and consulting will help small and non-profit organizations mature their ability to assess, plan and invest their resources effectively while institutionalizing mature processes as a part of their organizational culture. The Institute is especially focused on supporting small entities during their formative years, and on non-profits – an industry sector Dad has always had a heart for.”

The Zachman Institute™’s approach to building small and nonprofit capacity through support services is focused in five core areas. Each of these areas is designed to support organizations within their natural business ecosystem:

Strategic Planning and Analysis

Business Operations Planning and Support

Resource Analysis and Infrastructure Planning

Financial Operations and Governance

Enterprise Architecture

The Zachman Institute™ will leverage its association to Zachman International, Inc., Zachman Consulting, LLC and the FEAC Institute for access to the necessary network of Intellectual Property and certified consultants with the expertise and experience to provide these five core services.

The distinguished board of the Zachman Institute™ consists of John A. Zachman, Chairman; John P. Zachman, CEO; and board members Dr. Jack Hayford, Chancellor, The Kings University; Tim Middlebrook, Executive Director and CFO, Every Home for Christ, Intl; Scott Palmer, LifeStage Director, Envoy Financial; Russell Verhey, Chairman, Convene and Advance; and Craig Squire, Financial Management Consultant.

Zachman International, Inc.
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Phone: 1(818)244-3763 ext.104

The Zachman Institute™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Colorado, USA. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. The Zachman Institute™ reserves the right to refuse any donation for any reason.


John Zachman to Present at The Open Group Conference in San Diego


John Zachman to Present at The Open Group Conference in San Diego

Colorado Springs, CO, USA -- Jan. 27, 2015 – John A. Zachman is set to present at The Open Group Conference in San Diego, CA on Feb. 3, 2015.

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80/30 Gala Celebrates John Zachman


John Zachman celebrates 80 years old and the 30th anniversary of the Zachman Framework™

Los Angeles CA - December 14, 2014 - Wednesday, December 10, 2014, John Zachman arrived to a crowded ballroom filled with friends and industry at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. A complete surprise to John, people gathered from as far away as Malaysia, Great Britain, Norway, France and from all over the United States to this formal gala to celebrate both his 80th Birthday and the 30th Anniversary of the Zachman Framework™.

These invited guests enjoyed elegant hors d'ouvres, a full course meal, distinguished speakers and live Jazz music by the Lisa Harriton Trio. Four speakers honored Mr. Zachman’s accomplishments to government, industry, and his private life including Col. Joseph Butchko, MITRE, USAF, Air Mobility Command, Dr. Alex Pettit, Chief Information Officer for the State of Oregon, Dr. Scott Bernard, Federal Chief Enterprise Architect and Dr. Jack Hayford, John's long-time pastor and Chancellor of The King's University.

The evening was an emotional one as John and his wife Constance greeted each of the guests, friends, and family who gathered to pay tribute to not only the impact of the Zachman Framework™ but the impact of John himself.

The highlight of the evening, however, was the presentation of his gift by his son, John P. Zachman, CEO of Zachman International, and his wife Jessica, along with the leadership team at Zachman International and the FEAC Institute: John P Zachman, CEO; Cort Coghill, Director Education Operations; and several others. The team surprised John with a new non-profit organization called the Zachman Institute, officially formed in 2014 as a public, Colorado non-profit charity, and given to John as a tribute to his life and work.

The Zachman Institute will perform Enterprise Architecture research and offer John's years of expertise in Management Consulting and Enterprise Architecture to the non-profit and small business communities who cannot afford these services on their own. The Zachman Institute's mission is to build business capacity in small and non-profit organizations through research and professional support, enabling manageable growth and sustainable support of core mission for long-term contributions to the communities they serve. More information can be found at Zachman.org.

The 80/30 Gala was a successful celebration of John Zachman’s contributions and an inaugural fundraising event for The Zachman Institute. Attendees and contributors to the Gala were recognized as Charter Members of The Zachman Institute.

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Zachman Reviews

Quite an enjoyable course.  Would take other courses in future.

Jason D'Silva
8 April 2020

This has been an eye opening experience. Receiving this training from the masters will most certainly keep measurable benefits going forward. John provided additional concepts and practices around implementation strategies, a critical next step in exploiting the framework ontology - this was great!!!

Dennis Johnson
25 April 2018

Hour-for-hour, this is the best seminar I have attended. The instructors thoroughly covered concepts, demonstrated their application effectively and convincingly explained the consequences of poor architectural practice.

Daniel A. Joseph, Ph.D.
20 May 2019

An excellent seminar. John shares his keen intuition for and understanding of the nature of enterprise architecture.

Chris Partridge
29 March 2018

Excellent first hand explanation. Very powerful.

Marco van Leeuwen
29 March 2018

The Zachman framework made me understand the value of problem solving.

Akin Ayeni
29 March 2018

Finally, it all comes together’. Great examples and stories. Continue with passion – it’s really good.

Willem Van der Brink
29 March 2018

Fun, informative and eye-opening. Very educational, friendly and helpful lecturers.

Shiraz Adam
29 March 2018

It was the honor to have met and learned from the legendary John A. Zachman himself, the Father of Enterprise Architecture. True Enterprise Architecture starts with Zachman Framework; otherwise, you are just wasting time.

Amar Masoud
26 April 2017

I have been doing Enterprise architecture since 2003, mostly DoDAF and TOGAF. Until I took the Zachman EA 4 day class, I didn't realize that all I had been doing was drawing incomplete views, since I didn't truly understand the relationships and the real impact to an organization of making a change to an architecture element. This class has shown me the importance of getting down to the "brass tacks" of an EA, namely the Zachman primitives and their relationships. I now realize that I have not been truly been doing EA up to this point, since I have not been identifying the organization's primitives!

Mike Robison
26 April 2017

The Zachman Framework training enabled me to fully understand the power of this framework (the ontology). The fundamentals of this framework will help me to (re)engineer Enterprises and solve business problems in the shortest possible time. As a free-lance Enterprise Architect my customers will benefit the knowledge and Case studies John and Sunil shared with us.

Jef Bergsma
24 March 2011

If you want to synthesize your professional experiences...
If you want to expand your understanding of Enterprise Architecture...
If you want to interact with others who think and talk like you do, and learn from the very best, then the Zachman International courses are for you!

Michelle Poolet
20 October 2008

Enterprise architecture, as a formal discipline, has arguably reached its ‘tipping point.’ Organizations are howling for change. Even in the current economic down-turn, savvy companies are turning to EA and The Zachman Framework for help. Getting Zachman Certified is dollar-for-dollar the smartest investment an architect, any architect, can make. Don’t think about it too long... get certified and join the growing community of Zachman Certified professionals.

Damon Farnham
3 April 2009

An excellent and inspiring seminar - we will return to work and start immediately. I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm.

David Harrison
2 September 2014

He designed the Framework. Nobody can deliver the same quality of lecture as John.

Kitty Hung
17 October 2013

Engaging and charismatic.

Mark Luxton
6 October 2015

Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Passionate.

Simon Bathie
25 May 2015

Once more I was able to pick-up new ideas and a couple of valuable best practices. Also the EA energy injection by John Zachman was once more a highlight for me.

Henrik Jacobsson
23 April 2016

I was anxious about my decision to take the virtual class but felt like I was in the classroom with you all. Great job!

Burak Modali
23 May 2016

Mr. Zachman is the thought leader in enterprise architecture! I am so honored to have met him at training in Colorado and then again last October at a conference in Washington D.C. Through his publications and training - his efforts to raise the bar for enterprise architecture make him the world renown professional he is today. He IS the father of enterprise architecture. His work has helped to drive strategy execution and subsequent business outcomes through his ontology, strategy mapping, matrixes and models.

Tresa Chastain
8 March 2016

An excellent course. All CEOs and CIOs should attend.

Morag Clark
13 July 2015

An excellent and inspiring seminar - we will return to work and start immediately. I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm.

David Harrison
18 November 2015

John Zachman presents a very compelling argument, that is, every organization needs an Enterprise Architecture to survive.

Jane Stewart
18 May 2014

Many wide ranging examples to demonstrate why. Engaging and entertaining.

Andre Gauthier
18 August 2016

The explanation of the framework itself and the meaning of the components were most helpful.

Andreja Korosec Rebula
18 June 2014

An excellent seminar. John shares his keen intuition for and understanding of the nature of enterprise architecture.

Chris Partridge
10 August 2015

The enthusiasm, energy and breadth of experience remain, as ever, infectious and mesmerising. Your continued support for John over the last few years is clearly appreciated and probably instrumental in his continuing to return to the UK. Further workshop and/or seminar opportunities are eagerly anticipated. This week has been money very well spent.

Rob Austen
20 June 2016

John Zachman gave me an excellent insight into the way EA practitioners think and operate, enabling me to express an organisation (as business architecture models) in their language.

Matthew Brown
14 June 2016