2015 Excellence in EA Awards: Call for Nominations


2015 Excellence in EA Awards: Share your EA accomplishments with the community!

Call for Nominations—The 2015 Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards 


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Zachman International, the Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute (FEAC™), and 1105 Media are pleased to announce the 13th Annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards, recognizing the impacts of Enterprise Architecture best practices on achieving efficiencies, greater effectiveness, transparency, increased collaboration or innovation in solutions to government mission outcomes. Nominations are encouraged from all types of enterprises in industry and all levels of government, including U.S. federal, state, and local government organizations, education, as well as successful industry, government and education programs outside the United States.



  1. Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Driven Results - Government Project, Civilian
  2. Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Driven Results - Government Project, Defense
  3. Leadership in Government Transformation using EA - Government Project, Civilian
  4. Leadership in Government Transformation using EA - Government Project, Defense
  5. Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Driven Results – Industry
  6. Leadership in Enterprise Transformation using EA - Industry
  7. EA Hall of Fame - Individual Leadership in EA Practice, Promotion and Professionalization (open to industry, as well as current and former Government employees)


Deadline for Awards Submission is 5:00 PM EST on Monday, September 14, 2015

ONLY Nominations for Government or Education Programs will be considered if submitted by the Government or Education organization impacted by the effort. Industry submissions in support of a Government project shall be submitted under the Government category and have written concurrence of the sponsor agency. 

Submissions will consist of a business case and EA artifacts. The business case shall not exceed three (3) pages. Submission write-up must be supported by EA artifacts. There shall be at least three EA artifacts referenced by the submission write-up. Submitters should not exceed five artifacts. Submitters are encouraged to select artifacts that best represent the EA effort and are tied to their business case. All submission attachments must be in PDF format and submitted as a single document including EA artifacts.


Each candidate program must provide a completed nomination form  by the deadline for consideration by the Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Results Awards Selection Committee. Please don’t miss the opportunity to share your or your co-worker’s accomplishment with the EA community at large.
  • Submissions detailing how the discipline of EA has been applied to a complex enterprise problem will be accepted, with the exception of EA Hall of Fame Nominees, who may be current or former government or education employees.
  • The Selection Committee will consider only those nominations providing all information requested on the nomination form.
  • Submission business case narrative exceeding three (3) pages will not be accepted. If detailed program information to be included in your submission is available on the Internet, please include a public link. Submissions shall include at least three (3) but not more than five (5) EA artifacts directly supporting the claims made in the business case narrative.

All awards will be presented at:





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