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Zachman Certified™
Enterprise Architect Associate

Level 1 Course

...a 4 day hands-on Workshop.



Enterprise Architecture is fundamental for enabling an enterprise to assimilate internal changes in response to the external dynamics and uncertainties of the information age environment. It not only constitutes a baseline for managing change, but also provides the mechanism by which the reality of the enterprise and its systems can be aligned with management intentions.

This newly revised four day seminar and workshop, based on the recently released Zachman Framework V3.0, for the first time incorporates actual modeling experience. The modeling workshop is based on actual Enterprise experience and is designed to give the participants hands-on experience creating both “Primitive” (architecture) models as well as “Composite” (implementation) models.

The seminar and workshop will prepare participants for both levels of the Zachman Certified- Enterprise Architect program: Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Associate (Level1) and Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Professional (Level 2).

The certification fee is included in the registration fee. The “Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect” examination is a two hour, on-line examination that upon passing, results in the award of Enterprise Architect Associate (Level 1) Certification. Associate Level 1 ZCEAs are then eligible to continue in the Zachman Certified - Enterprise Architect program.

This is a very exclusive certification program. If you want to understand the “Complexity & Contradiction” in Enterprise Architecture and are struggling to manage a non-adaptive enterprise and dysfunctional systems, this will be an important experience!

Course Objectives

The objective of this 4-day training course is to build an understanding of the concepts of Enterprise Architecture and develop a sense of urgency for implementing those concepts in a modern enterprise. The Level 1 Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Associate course gives today's Enterprise Architects the opportunity to strengthen their skills as well as broaden their understanding of industry trends and the use of The Zachman Framework™. This course is designed to teach the science of EA- what relevant things exist in the Enterprise and what must be considered in its creation and change, about the Enterprise ontology, and foundation to equip Enterprise Architects to make their own methodological choices.

You will learn:

  • A sense of urgency for aggressively pursuing Enterprise Architecture
  • A comprehensive definition (description) of Enterprise Architecture
  • Differentiation of Enterprise Architecture from Systems Implementation
  • Creating Enterprise Strategy Models which form the basis for Enterprise Architecture
  • Differentiation of Ontology from Methodology
  • Utilizing Enterprise Architecture for operational decision making
  • A strategy for reducing “time-to-market” for systems implementations to virtually zero
  • Strategy for integration beyond jurisdiction (Interoperability)
  • Architectural Principles for meeting enterprise requirements
  • Ensuring traceability across the artifacts for impact analysis and change management
  • BPM, SOA, BI, MDA, ITIL, etc. in the context of the Zachman Framework
  • Row by row modeling of the Zachman Framework inside the tool
  • Case study decision making and model analysis inside the tool
  • ...and more


Idea Behind the Workshop

It’s interesting to note that Enterprise Architecture has made its way up to the boardroom, just as the board-level talk of outsourcing did in the 1990s.

The CFOs and board are looking at the economics of Enterprise Architecture as a blueprint to business transformation. It has been established beyond any doubt that successful organizations have achieved significant performance achievements based on EA-driven initiatives resulting in reduction in IT cost, business process improvement, new service offerings, cost efficiency, readiness for change, etc.

It's been nearly 40 years since John Zachman first endeavored to find the common structure behind every “Enterprise.” With his success, has come the much needed insight into the enterprise anatomy and the evolving discipline that is called “Enterprise Architecture.” This has resulted in the discovery of the fact that every enterprise (in whatever industry) is different, yet there is an underlying common structure of essential components that exist, an ontology: The Zachman Framework - The Enterprise Ontology.

With this background, comes the need for "Zachman Certification" and thus, one of the most productive four-day certification workshops by two of the brightest minds in Enterprise Architecture. Of course, one is the living legend and the author of “Enterprise Architecture” himself - John A. Zachman and the other is an number of our accomplished practitioners who will help you to unravel and practice the science behind the “enterprise.”

This 4-day workshop covers the latest version of The Zachman Framework v3.0. It's the most EA-inclusive representation of The Zachman Framework over the last 40 years. This program will prepare the participants for the first two levels of the Zachman Certified- Enterprise Architect program: Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Associate (Level1) and Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Practitioner (Level 2).


Zachman Framework™

The most complex object of the information age is the “Enterprise.” The inherent complexity is nothing less than what you will find inside a human body (anatomy). Human beings existed long before the arrival of medical science. Medical science brought common understanding about the anatomy, various systems such as Muscular, Nervous, and Reproductive, etc. This resulted in the discovery of the fact that every human being is different, yet they follow a common structure. The resulting tools, techniques, equipment, etc. brought predictability in the process of the creation of life, evolution and life cycle management.

It’s been nearly 40 years since John Zachman started his endeavor to find the common structure behind every “Enterprise.” With his success, came the much needed insight in to the enterprise anatomy... and the evolving discipline is now called “Enterprise Architecture.” This has resulted in the discovery of the fact that every enterprise (in whatever industry) is different, yet they have a common structure of essential components: Zachman Framework, or The Zachman Ontology™.

This discovery is similar to the discovery of the “Periodic Table of Element” by Mendeleev, who found that every “compound” on earth (and beyond) are derived from a common structure of "Primitive" elements. This knowledge resulted in formalizing and the evolving of a discipline, i.e. Chemistry. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table brought much-needed predictability and repeatability in analysis, creation and life cycle management of “compounds.” Our ability to create an object which could withstand a temperature of 14,000 degrees Celsius is a good example of what can be accomplished when you understand the science.

“Enterprises” have existed much before the discovery of The Zachman Framework. The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, is bringing the much-needed predictability and repeatability in the creation, evolution and life cycle management of the “Enterprise.” That’s reason why The Zachman Framework is also known as “Periodic Table for the Enterprise Descriptive Representations.”


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