Zachman Certified - Methodology

Zachman Certified Methodology

The Zachman Certified™ - Methodology designation is based upon a mapping of the metamodel of the Methodology to the meta model of The Zachman Framework™, essentially answering the following questions:

  • Does the Methodology produce primitive models that conform to The Framework metamodel from which the methodological composite implementations are derived?
  • Which primitive models (Cells) does the Methodology produce?
  • Which horizontal integrations are supported in the creation of the implementation composites?
  • Which vertical transformations are supported in the realization of the instantiations?
  • Does the Methodology infer diagonal composites from horizontally and vertically integrated primitives?

Certification fees are assessed per cell.

There are two parts to this certification. In the first part, the requester identifies which cells are to be considered for certification. The cells considered are evaluated and objectively given a numerical rating (Coverage Index) based on the primitive models and the components in relation to the entire Framework set. If a cell wins the designation as "Zachman Certified™ it will be so marked. If only some portion of the cell is formalized, the cell may be considered "authorized" and a portion of the certification fees assessed proportionately.

Zachman International is responsible for the second part. Additionally, as part of the certification process and fees, we will then perform an analysis on the capacity and robustness of the integrations across each row and transformations down each column for each "certified" cell. An objective, numerical rating will be assigned based upon the percentage of the total possible integrations and transformations (Capacity Index) and their degree of association (Robustness Index) which will be reported and posted on the site.

The important thing about the Methodology Certification is that it confirms that Enterprise Engineering work is being accomplished as opposed to merely Systems Building work. The evaluation of the quality or appropriateness of the Methodology should be based upon the Enterprise Engineering design objectives... which Primitives does the Enterprise need to get under control and from which "architected" Primitives must the Enterprise’s implementations and realizations be composed.

To submit your methodology for review, please contact our Standards Department.

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