Zachman International Closes Acquisition of the FEAC Institute


Zachman International®, Inc. Closes Acquisition of the FEAC® Institute, Inc.

ALEXANDRIA, VA, USA -- Apr. 29, 2012 – Zachman International®, Inc., a Colorado Springs, CO, USA based Enterprise Architecture firm with operations in Los Angeles, CA, USA, announced today that it has acquired all shares and interest in FEAC® Institute, Inc., the leading and premier Training and Certification Institution for Professional Enterprise Architects based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Terms of the transaction are confidential.

Established in 1990, Zachman International is the education and consulting firm founded by John A. Zachman, author of the Zachman® Framework, and who is also widely considered to be the founder of the Enterprise Architecture space. John has not only been THE thought-leader in Enterprise Architecture for over 35 years, but he has contributed more than anyone else to its acceptance and growth as a stand-alone industry. His lectures and written material are some of the most widely referenced on the subject.

Zachman International has also offered, and will continue to offer, its own certification: the Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect (ZC-EA). Responding to tremendous industry demand for Zachman certification, the program was formed in 2007 and totally overhauled in 2012 to conclusively demonstrate rapid delivery of Enterprise Architecture and enterprise benefit using the concepts of The Zachman Framework™ like never before. The new program finally bridges the gap from theory to practice employing The Zachman Framework. 

The acquisition of the FEAC Institute marks a powerful, new combination of Enterprise Architecture training and consulting. FEAC’s dominant programs in the Civilian Government and Private sectors, as well as the DoD sector not only have been offering University accredited courses since 2002, but its proven curricula and practicums in those sectors have also produced numerous Chief Enterprise Architects- many of which these FEAC™ CEAs (Certified Enterprise Architects) have gone on to become CIOs. 

The unique combination of the Zachman/FEAC certifications forges a new EA powerhouse that will provide training and University accredited certification for any level and type of Enterprise Architect, covering all major Frameworks and Methods, is tool neutral and totally optimized for Enterprise Architects world-wide.

“I am very excited about the acquisition of FEAC,” says John A. Zachman, Chairman of Zachman International, Inc. “No other program has the longevity, track record and academic backing that the FEAC Institute has. The merging of these two companies is a massive revolution in concept for our industry. We are in an unprecedented position to take these two brands to another level, and better serve the current and future state of the discipline of Enterprise Architecture.” Zachman remains actively involved in a senior capacity as the new Executive Director of the FEAC Institute and will remain the Chairman of Zachman International, Inc.

“This merger represents a new standard in the discipline of Enterprise Architecture, its training and Certification. The goal is to use the new Enterprise Architecture concepts and training from Zachman International, and The Zachman Framework 3.0, and integrate them with the FEAC offerings to conclusively deliver results to immediate problems that CEOs face. This is something Executive Management around the globe will want to see. We are excited to leverage our vast network of graduates, faculty and contacts and our operational capability to turbocharge deliverable results in EA, in the short-term” says John P. Zachman, Zachman International, Inc. President and son of Zachman Framework author John A. Zachman. “We believe we are now poised for explosive growth because the Zachman/FEAC merger offers a new way to solve problems in the Enterprise. Using the FEAC experiential, hands-on learning and project-driven training, inter-woven with the newly defined, methodological concepts of the Zachman Framework, offers EA an implementation alternative that delivers fast results and actionable Enterprise Architecture.” John P. Zachman will become CEO of the FEAC Institute and remain President of Zachman International, Inc.

The former Co-owner and Executive Director Felix Rausch elaborates: “The past ten years have been a journey of learning and working with the incredibly talented and dedicated FEAC Institute faculty and instructors and staying in touch with our students. We feel that we have made some impact in making the world of planning and enterprise architecting a better place by setting the bar high at the outset to become a Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA) since 2002. We are of course most excited that Zachman International has chosen to purchase FEAC because we know with their leadership and leading ideas the combination of the two will flourish and bring even more to the EA community in terms of EA advances, value, research and rigorous training. We want to thank everyone that we touched during the journey and ask you to continue being part of this powerful union. In particular I want to thank my partners Dr. Beryl Bellman and Barbara Charuhas without their contributions FEAC would not have been possible.”

The former shareholders of FEAC will remain actively involved during the transition.


About Zachman International -

John A. Zachman founded Zachman International as a company dedicated to the research and advancement of the state of the art in Enterprise Architecture principally based on the The Framework for Enterprise Architecture, or The Zachman Framework™. The Zachman Framework is considered to be the de-facto standard in Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and is widely considered the baseline for Frameworks in the Enterprise Architecture domain. Zachman International offers a certification in the Zachman Framework: the Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect program. John is extremely active in the Enterprise Architecture community and continues to lecture on the subject all over the world.


About FEAC Institute -

The FEAC™ Institute, in partnership with the California State University at East Bay, prides itself on being the premier Training and Certification Institution for professional Enterprise Architects. Since opening in 2002, FEAC™ has graduated over 1400 Certified Enterprise Architects (CEAs) and trained another 1500 plus workshop and TOGAF 8 and TOGAF 9 attendees, worldwide. The program features the best thought leaders and instructors in the field of enterprise architecture including John A. Zachman who has taught in the FEAC program since it’s inception 10 years ago.


FEAC® Institute was exclusively represented in the transaction by G. Terry Jones of The CDI Group, a McLean, Virginia M & A firm specializing in mid-market technology M&A transactions, Valuations, Value Enhancement Assignments, and Exit Strategy Planning


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